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1022.Budapest, Bimbó út 15. Tel: +36(1) 316 28 36 Fax: +36(1)  316 28 37 Email:trade@fambiz.hu
Domestic trade                
Our company is organizing most of its domestic trading trough its warehouse, which is situated in a well accessible part of Budapest (IX. Soroksari Street). From here we are distributing products of members of our group (chicken, pork meat, semi final and ready to eat meat products) as well as other products of Hungarian and other producers.
Our domestic trade operation can be separated into two categories:
Wholesale of frozen meat, minimum quantity 300 kg.
Distribution of fresh meat, minimum quantity 30 kg.

We have the possibility to deliver our fresh products directly to the costumers’ door with the help of our 1,5tonn capacity trucks. Our main partners are: restaurants, hotels, canteen kitchens, schools, event organizing companies etc.

The main goal of our company is to provide the best quality meat for the most reasonable market price. Our well trained stuff is more than happy to help you. Feel free to ask for their help even if you have special requests.

The employees of Fambiz will take every necessary step in order to satisfy your needs.

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